We are a team of passionate designers & makers who specialise in making experiences through beautiful spaces.

One Idea.
Limitless Possibilities.

“We believe in Creating the Impossible”

Our ethos is based around a hands on approach, embracing new technology and pushing boundaries. Flow’s work encompasses a broad range of disciplines including Interior Design, Papercraft, Woodwork and 3D printing.

Working as a small team we take briefs, we create original concepts and we love to collaborate with agencies, brands and fellow creatives. We also have a great network of freelancers we work with to deliver projects seamlessly.

Our beginnings in the exhibitions industry has given us great insight. We listen to our clients, and get right to the heart of what they want their audience to experience.

We use our passion for the aesthetic, practical knowledge and creativity to come up with fresh and unique installations, exhibition stands and bespoke pieces that make events and spaces come alive.

Working right through every detail from the initial concept to making and installing, we’ve got it covered.

No project is too ambitious. We love a challenge. Have an idea? Need an idea? Lets make it.

Meet Our Team

Together We Flow

Sam Robins

Sam Robins


Some may describe him as a genius, others insane; but one thing we know is that Sam never backs down from an idea. Fuelled by coffee, positivity and a lifelong ambition to own a helicopter; MD and founder Sam built Flow on raw creativity and a desire to challenge the norm in order to make the world a better place.

With 20 years industry experience, an obsession with learning new technology and track record of handling ambitious projects; Sam prides himself on creating strong relationships with clients and understanding their needs by working deep into their business.

He can also spin pretty much anything on his finger. Fact.

Scott Woolley

Scott Woolley

Creative Director

While working for a signage company many years ago, Sam and Scott bonded over a love for all year round barbecues, complicated cocktails and a desire to become less disgruntled about the way things were done. Many years (and BBQ’s) later and Scott joined Flow.

A natural creative, he brings his years of design and print experience and ability to work across multiple platforms to many of our projects including the 2017 paper installation for PaperMakers James Cropper.
In his own words he describes his main skill as ‘making the ridiculous things I think about a reality’. An attention to the finer details and regular use of the phrase “It is what it is” makes him an integral part of the team.

When he’s not tinkering with a project or dreaming of being in Ibiza; you can find him producing pretty decent music as part of House duo Studioheist. Or pondering over what causes diet coke to explode when you put Mentos in it.

Tania Robins

Tania Robins

Projects Coordinator

Our Projects Coordinator Tania is the backbone of Flow. Her experience in coordinating teams of IT engineers, a bizarre penchant for spreadsheets an ability to not crack under pressure help her keep the rest of us creatives in check.

An art school background and dislike of bad typography and flowery language means that when she's not dealing with HR, planning or finance - she’ll often cast a critical eye over our work (whether we like it or not).

Sometimes she gets lost in words, and daydreams of learning to Ice Skate, and you can often find her slingin’ iron at her local powerlifting club (yes really).

Dylan Glynn

Dylan Glynn


Our in house assistant and general lifesaver Dylan keeps us sane with his practical ideas, willingness to learn and hands on approach both on site and at HQ. He also provides us with a healthy dose of much needed sarcasm.

He cites Samuel L Jackson as his role model, because he’s a ‘Bad Motherf**r. He also has a strong dislike of Tea, Coffee and Brown Sauce; but it’s ok, we like him anyway.